Principal's Message

Julie Prestsater, Principal
Dear AEC Students & Families,
Thank you for a strong start to the 2020-2021 school year! We have reached the end of the first Credit Check at Valley View—and our first progress check at the rest of our schools and programs—and I want to encourage you to keep pushing forward. While we are in a distance learning format, and even when we transition to a hybrid model, we will continue to encounter new challenges, develop new skills, and amaze ourselves as we develop our expertise in navigating this digital world we find ourselves in. Thank you for your persistence, your patience, and your flexibility.
No matter the format—virtual or in person—attendance is critical to your success. Make sure that you are following the bell schedule, attending your Zoom meetings on your designated days, participating in class discussions with your cameras on, and turning in your assignments on time.
Another key to success is communication. Especially while we are in a distance learning format, it is easy to lose touch and fall behind. Your AEC Family is here to help you stay connected and provide you with the resources you need to be successful. Please check my “AEC Student Announcements” page course on Canvas for announcements, events, and messages about school activities and opportunities.
Take a look at the Distance Learning Schedule (VVHS, CDS, CSOP, CDOHS). You are expected to attend class and complete work on a daily basis. Yes! You need to work all day on Mondays. And yes, you also need to Zoom with your 2nd period (at VVHS CDS, CSOP) and Homeroom (at CDOHS) every Monday at 12:15 p.m. While you may have coursework to complete in Apex every day, you are still expected to attend and participate in Zoom sessions according to the schedule. You will also need to complete classwork assigned during the “Live” Zoom meetings. Following the plan will only get you to your graduation day sooner!
Most importantly, if you’re not already, you need to get familiar with Canvas. You need to access this website every day to be successful. If you don’t, you will miss very important information for your classes and school- and district-wide announcements. You have an “Inbox” in Canvas as well as a district email account. Click everywhere in Canvas to explore. You’re not going to break it!
Also, get in the habit of following the same routine every morning:
1.       Sign into Outlook.
2.       Open a new tab and Sign into Zoom.
3.       Open a new tab and Sign into Canvas. Check your Inbox, To-Do list, Calendar, and Announcements for each course. Zoom links for class meetings may be located in any one of these places along with the Home Page for each course.
4.       Open a new tab and Sign into the Aeries Student Portal to check for schedule changes.
5.       Open a new tab and Sign into Apex.
6.       Open a new tab and Sign into your Google Drive.
These 6 websites will keep you up and running for all your Distance Learning needs. However, keep in mind, you may need to close down an app or two once you’re done checking messages and schedules. Depending on your internet (it’s horrible in my neighborhood), you may only be able to have a few tabs open at a time.
Lastly, I look forward to meeting with parents at our Virtual Coffee with the Principal meetings. This is my chance to share school news and to hear your feedback. The first Coffee with the Principal will be on Wednesday, September 9, via Zoom at 9:00 a.m. Please check Canvas Announcements for details and a link to our meeting. If you haven’t already done so, please create a Canvas account and pair it with your student’s Canvas. Click here for directions. Also, please ensure that we have your most up-to-date email address in order to get important information. (Note: Add to your “approved sender’s list” so my emails to get sent back or sent to spam.)
AEC families and students, I look forward to partnering with you to make this our best year ever! Please follow me on Twitter @AltEdCenter for the latest news.
Every student. Every day. Whatever it takes. We’re here for you, AEC! Keep in touch! Call us or email if you need anything at all!
Julie Prestsater